Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park is one of Seattle's unique landmarks. The site was cleared in the early 1900's for a manufacturing plant to convert coal to gas, but later closed in the 1950's. The City acquired the land for a park and opened to the public in 1975. Every year, the park hosts one of the city's Fourth of July celebrations with amazing views of Lake Union and the Space Needle in the distance. The park was a filming location for 10 Things I Hate About You and the finish line in Season 3 of The Amazing Race.

It's definitely worth a visit for any Seattlelite: bike the Burke-Gilman Trail, rent some kayaks on the lake, enjoy some fish and chips at Ivars, or warm up with coffee and pastries at the Essential Baking Company.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ocean Shores

About a year ago, Jeremy wanted to take the family to see the ocean. We set out on an early Saturday morning with a good little drive ahead of us and a basket full of lunch and treats! We knew it wasn't optimal ocean weather, but we were in for a surprise when we drove onto the sandy beach.

 According to locals, snow is a rare treat on the shores.

 Pretty beautiful seeing a snowy beach.

 The Boardwalk Shops: a newly constructed village--love the cheerful colors.

 The breezy climate on Washington beaches is year around... 
and so is coffee!

 Inside Sharky's. You have to go in just to see the teeth!

 Daddy and son watching the waves.

This picture says it all. The 10 minutes our son got his first
driving experience was worth the 3 hour drive
we endured with a cranky 2 year old. 

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