Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wild Horse Monument - Vantage

Most Western Washingtonians have taken a road trip across the Cascades to the other half of our state. It amazes me that one state could hold a rain forest on one side and deserts and canyons on the other. Don't be fooled by "The Evergreen State" and "The Emerald City" -- we have it all here, which makes it a pretty cool place to live or visit. As you head East on I-90, 135.49 miles and 2 hours, 7 minutes later you will come to Vantage, a small town with a big bridge along the Columbia River. As you pass the bridge and continue East a mile or two, start looking to your right to see the Wild Horse Monument. Start slowing down from the 70mph, or maybe it's 75mph speed limits and be watching for turn outs. It is a 1/4 mile steep hike to the top, you can spend half an hour or a couple if you want to stay and watch the sunset. It is well worth the view.  I say it's a must for every Washingtonian to do at least once.

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