Friday, September 23, 2011

Puyallup Fair

Since I was a young girl, the Puyallup Fair has been the coronation of the Autumn season.  We always went opening day before noon to get free admission. Even though it is pretty much the same year after year, it is the tradition I crave at summer's end as the air begins to crisp.  Everyone has their agenda for the fair, ours includes anything free: entertainment at the Coca-Cola Stage, and samples at the Vita Mix booth, Wilcox chocolate milk, and that delicious Caramel Corn from Eastern Washington. While I would be okay with packing a lunch to save a few bucks, Jeremy needs fair food, and I do enjoy those Fisher scones. We like to cast a vote for the People's Choice Award in Painting and Photography; I drool over the quilts and critique award winning baked goods to make myself feel better about the ribbons I haven't won. :) And with a little guy, looking at the animals are suddenly more fun.

Pygmy Goats at the Petting Zoo

 Rides, Rides, Rides...

 I've wanted to eat here since the very first time I went to the fair...
finally got my wish--it was awesome.

 Look at that sauce!

 We tried the deep fried Snicker bar, it was pretty incredible, 
I think we will try the deep fried OREOs next time.

For everything else you need to know including Parking tips and Discounts, click here.

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