Friday, March 4, 2011

Coulon Park - Renton

Jeremy and I have had memorable moments at this park: summer swims as kids; listening to music for hours trying to decide which songs to use in our wedding slide show; occasional trips to walk the pier; just happening to catch the maples in their Autumn glory; launching our first boat ride (one of the most stressful experiences of our life); and most recently, a family outing with our son.

Places to Eat

Places to Think

This beach holds a lot of recreational opportunities: Fishing, Boating,  Biking the Cedar River Trail, 1.5 mile paved Walking Trail, Guarded Swimming Area, Tennis, Volleyball, Horseshoes, and a large Playground.
Eating opportunities include: Ivars, Kidd Valley and the stylish Peyrassol Cafe.
Seasonal traditions: Summer Concert Series on Wednesday evenings and Christmas time Clam Lights.

The Island 

Magnolia Buds

Tall Grass

Where we spent most of our time. 

For additional information and directions click here

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