Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hiking in Leavenworth

Icicle Road

Probably every Seattelite has crossed the Cascades for a day/weekend trip to the iconic town of Leavenworth. You may have savored a danish or two, a pretzel or three, donned a crazy hat, stapled your dollar to the wall, ate too many salami samples, narrowed down your favorite mustard, bought something for your home, yourself, your mom--whatever it may be, your own memorable experience.  I wonder if Germany has a touristy town that's like a little Seattle? Hmm...probably not, but that would be pretty cool. This yodeling town, nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains offers many outdoor activities with pretty incredible scenery. We came here in the spring a few years ago and set out to hike the hills, we got a mile or so in, took a few photos, but had to turn back due to a rapidly rising creek that crossed the trail.

The "Trail"-- ya right.

 Mossy Trees

 Wild Berries

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  1. Leavenworth is equally pleasant at Thanksgiving time. I was fortunate to be there in 2010. What a way to kick off the Christmas season! In the downtown area you'll find lots of snow, people bundled up in their winter wear, live music, sledding, horse drawn buggies, bustling shoppers, outdoor vendors can really set the mood for happy times!