Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Old Town Gig Harbor

Sometimes you just need to get away for the day. We recently had one of those days and decided to spend it in one of our favorite close-to-home spots. I always feel like the world is a better place after spending a few hours in Old Town Gig Harbor, where friends are out for their morning walk and the shops make you think you're on vacation, yes, it's a good place.

 Just happened to be here when the cherry blossoms were in bloom.

 Architecture of Old Town

 Red Rooster Cafe, located in the coolest building 
with a patio full of tables and chairs overlooking the harbor.

Morning sunshine

Such cute decor

 We had a sandwich at Susanne's Bakery a couple years ago, 
I mostly remember the classy side of orzo pesto salad. 
They are most known for their pastries: 
cakes, eclairs and my personal favorite, chocolate dipped macaroons.

 Kelly's, a local favorite for breakfast and lunch. 
I like that their burgers and fries include a coke,
I mean, who does that-- except for every fast food value meal.
It's very hard to narrow down what to order for breakfast, 
while every towering plate passes by.

 Java and Clay Cafe, I love that they serve 
"for here" drinks in their own hand-painted mugs.

Even the paint brushes are artistic

So many colors... 

Lots of piers and parks along the way

For more information than I cared to post click here.

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